July 25, 2008

New Site!

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Since this is the inception of the new Custom Digital website, with a blog where I can keep things up to date with technology experiments and the wonderful work of many artists I get to work with, I have a lot of catching up to do and will start with some quick company history.

Custom Digital LLC is begun.

In 1997 I began experimenting and learning digital ink printing. After seeing some beautiful photography prints done on fine art papers with Iris printers, and hearing there were little Epson photo printers available that could be fed nearly any paper, I bought the first EX in Seattle and tried to print on every kind of paper I could find.

I had a very strong background in photographic traditional processes, color, B&W, fine art, commercial, even alternative. My constant experimenting lead me to becoming a beta tester for some of the earliest printer profiling software solutions on the market. My first love for personal work, fine art B&W, lead me to in depth experimentation with the very first Monochromatic ink sets available, with a great deal of influence from innovators Jon Cone and Dan Culbertson.

Fellow photographer Anil Kapahi and I, during these years, were sharing experiments, equipment, war stories, and his type C color darkroom.

In 2003 we car pooled out to an event where Bruce Fraser was speaking, the newer Epson models were being announced, and this entire field felt exciting. We talked at length about several possibilities on the way home.

Several important developments came to pass in a short time period. The x600 Epsons were being introduced, with 7 ink positions, Jon Cone introduced the first really advanced and reliable quadtone inksets in a variety of hues, and the ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP with tremendous individual channel control and multiple black ink support for Jon’s inks came on the market. For the first time a really viable, reliable, flexible B&W large format ink printing system with tremendous print quality and longevity could be offered. We felt there were others offing color, but none doing this, so we formed Custom Digital LLC to offer fine art digital B&W carbon ink printing. Later we expanded into color as well, after realizing the beautiful quality the RIP and it’s profiling software provides. Anil Kapahi decided to move on, and I continue to work with many outstanding artists on a wide variety of fulfilling projects.

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