August 4, 2009

Aardenburg Imaging & Archives

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Aardenburg Imaging & Archives conducts important photographic materials longevity testing unique in the community, among other things. Not only did the director, Mark McCormick-Goodhart, establish new methods more relevant to the materials we are now all using, his testing is open to the entire community including individual artists and print shops, using the variety of materials we really use rather than one manufacturer’s offerings. Wilhelm Imaging Research, widely accepted in longevity ratings, actually evolved their testing procedures to incorporate Mark’s methods.
Custom Digital is proud to be a subscribing member and supporter of Aardenburg Imaging & Archives, and encourage any artist, or anyone at all interested in the future of printed photographic art, to subscribe as well. The cost is minimal.
These efforts are not manufacturer funded or supported, nor access limited at all based on results, this is truly the kind of comprehensive, methodical, and open information we have needed since the massive shift to digital materials from the beginning, and the only endeavour of it’s kind.
Please spread word of the site to others in the photographic community, artists, printers, academia, collectors, conservators, etc., and contribute if at all possible. Thanks, Tyler

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