June 10, 2010

Summer changes at Custom Digital

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© 2010 Tyler Boley

© 2010 Tyler Boley

Dear friends, artists, clients, and doggies (OK cats and possibly ferrets too, whatever), things here at Custom Digital will be temporarily different this summer. The amount of time and attention I can devote to providing Custom Digital services will be cut to about 20 hours a week as family and non-career issues require my focus. Also, for a variety of reasons, including the economy, the evolution of the photographic arts, and personal, I will be relocating after mid August.

In the meantime business as usual will continue, and I happily welcome any projects you may have for me. The only thing to keep in mind is good advance planning if possible, as urgent or overwhelmingly large projects will be less appropriate at the shop for the time being. This does not mean I won’t be able to turn things around quickly, it simply depends on what else may be in the door already.

I will keep you all informed about where I, and the equipment, will reopen after August as things evolve. I will also be compiling a list of referral providers so I can help you get things done when I am not available. After this transitional period, I have every intention of winding up available and attempting to contribute the highest possible standards of photographic craft to the community.

Please keep me in mind throughout the summer, and plan ahead!

Thank you all for everything over the last several years.

Custom Digital LLC

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