January 20, 2011

a new year- 2011

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© custom digital llc 2011

© custom digital llc 2011

Well after many ups and downs and changes and work and non-work issues have come and gone, Custom Digital has made a renewed commitment to providing printmaking for the foreseeable future. Things have evolved considerably since we began, not the least of which that there is no more “we”, but only me. I will be posting in detail about how things are progressing in the very near future. For now, suffice it to say that I have two new Epson printers here and advanced versions of the RIP and color management tools to bring them to the highest level of performance. For color, I am now setting up on a new 9900, which is promising a significant increase in color gamut and photographic performance in every way. As you can see from the photo, I am eyebrows deep in six color linearizations, profiles, and ink setups for a variety of great papers, both matte and photo.

The B&W ink setups are the same as before, with a dual Cone setup. The difference is a newer modern printer, that will be more reliable into the future, providing more options at the RIP control level for more smoothness and resolution.

Obviously I have a great deal of work to do before being completely up to speed, but things are progressing rapidly and I’ve already worked with a few artists with the new setups, and more projects in the works.

I wound up staying in the same space for now, and all the contact information remains the same. I am indebted to many of you for patience during some down time, and the considerable ongoing support.

More soon,

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