April 3, 2012

Some things are too good to abandon…

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In 2003 Jon Cone’s Piezotone ink sets in a variety of hues were introduced, as well as the StudioPrint RIP support, and the x600 7 ink Epson printers. Suddenly something I had dreamed of became possible, a variable hue monochromatic print system. Over the years this system has evolved through printer technology, RIP control evolution, and through familiarity and experimentation, more and more tweaks and tricks for better quality and options. All these things allow the artist to fine tune and bring their images alive on paper, to suit their vision and images. Custom Digital’s artists, and myself, for my own work, are extremely pleased with this approach and for me in particular, my affinity and satisfaction with the prints affirms my commitment to the process.
All things change. Jon’s continuing work with refining inks and printing systems over the years has resulted in the K7 inks, the chemistry and manufacture of these inks are more advanced than the Piezotones inks, and the K7 systems print with the highest photographic B&W performance available in ink. Over the years the K7 products eclipsed the Piezotones, and only a very few of us with custom setups were still using the Piezotones. So, eventually they were discontinued, and I knew one day this would happen.
But I am so thrilled with the beautiful prints available with this process and the options it provides, I’m doubling down in it rather than walking away. I’ve seen a lot of amazing prints from the newer setups, my compatriots at the TheAgnosticPrint and days of intense printmaking exploration at Jon’s with he and the others have provided me with a lot of insight on new possibilities. But we are each individual, and one of the advantages of these inksets is the ability to customize them at will.
Therefore, I am custom mixing, from the various K7 ink sets, a dual quad ink set to replace the dual quad Piezotone set, so we can move forward with the same techniques, but with evolved and better performing inks. I won’t claim they will look identical, but I know they will look very similar, and of course, stunning as usual. Working this out may even reveal some new possibilities! I want to assure the artists for whom I print B&W that there will be no interruption in productivity, inks in stock will keep things the same and there will be a gradual transition to the new inks.
Some things are too beautiful to let go of, but also, all things change. So.. adapt, recommit, evolve…

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