July 6, 2013


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Join master printers Tyler Boley and Ron Reeder on Saturday July 27 for a one day presentation and discussion of digital pigment ink printing and advanced digital methods for historical print processes. This will be an open discussion about the craft of printmaking and the methods utilized by these two different artists. The emphasis will be on viewing a wide range of print options and tools, helping individuals see methods not readily available that might inform their own direction, and also provide input on your work.

The day will be split into two parts:

9:30AM – Noon

Tyler and Ron will divide the morning into two individual presentations. Each will take an hour or so to present work specific to their methods, and talk about their craft and tools. You will have the opportunity to see a variety of unusual prints using a using different materials and methods. Tyler’s presentation will involve primarily inkjet prints, some with unusual setups or materials, Ron’s presentation will involve hybrid digital and traditional methods with the end result a hand made print.

We’ll take a one hour lunch break, there are many options close to the shop.

1:00PM – 4:30PM

We’ll all look at and discuss your prints, each of you will have about ten minutes. Bring anything you like and any questions you have, you are encouraged to show particular challenges with which you are struggling, as well as your personal successes. The emphasis here is on digital editing practices, inkjet printing and color management, and hand coated alternative print processes. Traditional silver darkroom printing will not be covered.

Canson Paper has kindly provided sample packs for everyone and in addition is including some Arches Platine, a fine art paper popular with hand coating emulsion enthusiasts.

Attendance fee will be $95.00 for the day, neither lunch nor parking will be covered by this. Class will be limited to 14 attendees, due to space restrictions and time. Placement will be on a first come first serve basis. In order to make sure everyone’s interests are met, you must tell us which instructor is covering your interests, so that we make sure we have a variety of attendees we’ll accept 7 for Ron and 7 for Tyler, you must state which instructor is covering your main interests. The event will be held at Custom Digital on lower Queen Ann in Seattle.
Please immediately email your intention to attend, AND WHICH INSTRUCTOR IS COVERING YOUR INTERESTS, at

You will get a reply with paypal instructions. Anyone who does not follow through with payment will lose their place.

Ron Reeder’s main interest is to combine the latest digital technology in the service of making 19nth century hand-made prints. He uses digital tools to capture an image, edit it, and to make a digital negative for contact printing. The actual print is then made on hand-coated paper in any of several 19nth century processes with platinum/palladium and gum being his favorites. He has authored “Digital Negatives for Palladium and other Alternative Processes”, a book on use of the QuadTone RIP for making digital negatives. He exhibits at Wall Space Gallery-
His website is-

Tyler Boley is a photographer and print maker. As owner/operator of Custom Digital in Seattle he has professional experience with drum scanning, color management, image editing, pigment inkjet color printing and monochromatic inkjet printing. He has taught several workshops including Cone Editions in Vermont and Newspace in Oregon.

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