January 11, 2015

Ellen Sollod at Bellevue College Gallery Space

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© Ellen Sollod

© Ellen Sollod

Ellen Sollod has two upcoming exhibitions. We printed much of Lake Washington Palimpsest for an exhibition at the Northwest Museum of Art. Fortunately the work, with addition content, will be installed at the Bellevue College Gallery Space for an upcoming exhibition. The prints are full Iris size sheets with an approximate 29″x38″ image size with a subtle warm highlight to cool selenium shadow split. We drum scanned her 4×5 Polaroid T55 pinhole camera negatives. A few more images and information about the work is HERE.
In a related exhibition. Ellen will have two installations at the Frederick Winters House and the adjacent boiler building entrance to the Mercer Slough, one transforming the space to a camera obscura, and another utilizing flora of the area.
For location and date information, CLICK HERE. Don’t delay, they begin soon.

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