June 16, 2015

One day workshop in Portland

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© Tyler Boley

© Tyler Boley

Lauren Henkin and I will be conducting a one day workshop at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland OR, The Fine Photographic Print: Possibilities and Intention, on September 27th.

The first half of the day we will be presenting a wide variety of inkjet prints made with various processes. Attendees will have the opportunity to see interesting and unusual inkjet prints not commonly available, some by a variety of printmakers. The emphasis will be on viewing a range of print options and tools, exposing individuals to methods not readily available that might inform their own direction. There will also be examples of straightforward printmaking using out-of-the-box approaches that are simply well executed.

After lunch we’ll all look at and discuss your prints. Bring anything you like and questions you have, you are encouraged to show particular challenges with which you are struggling, as well as personal successes. The emphasis here is on editing practices, inkjet printing, and color management.

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