June 22, 2019

All things change

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Custom Digital is ending all previous services, though I may accept some special projects depending on timing and what is required. This website will go off line in the next month. The site itself will be hosted at tylerboley.com as a menu item on the home page. But it will serve as a history and not be updated regularly. Any desired contact should be done through tylerboley.com, the Custom Digital email will become inactive. I will post a wrap up article about all this both here and at the tylerboley.com link above soon.

March 6, 2019

2019 Spring Hiatus

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I’m taking in no new work until June at the soonest. Other pressing issues long needing attention, some travel, etc. are taking precedence for the first time in decades. Feel free to contact me if something needs addressing.
Thanks, see you soon, Tyler

March 4, 2019

Purge of old files

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I’m cleaning out old drives, anyone I haven’t worked with in over 5 years I can’t guarantee storage of job files with me. Actually there never was any guarantee of storage, I just did it as a convenience. Please contact me if you have concerns. Many of you I will be contacting personally about this, thanks. Tyler

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